Alan & Ayesha

The Epic Destination Wedding of Alan and Ayesha, filled with emotions, cherished moments and colors.

Intu & Manjot

Ajinder Singh Weds Manjot Kaur. Two Amritdhari sikhs who have undergone traditional Amrit initiation and practices the prescribed Sikh code in daily life. Ajinder known as Intu approached me and declared his vision for his wedding, while he was doing all of the talking Manjot was enjoying his company and appreciating his vision for their wedding. 

Sejal & Nihar

They both lived in Toronto. They didn't meet each other until they went San Francisco to study. Sometimes we don't realize that the person we love is right in front of us. There love only grew stronger with the time. 

Manny & Kiran

Simple yet elegant, that's the story of Manny & Kiran. They spread happiness and smiles wherever they go. From the moment we held our first meeting and then the eshoots, they were so patient and understa. We loved being part there wedding festivities.

Nakul & Raman

Meeting Raman for the first time, she advised that she was moving to Indianapolis after the marriage. This was a big change for one person, we realized that true love and kind people still exist who are willing to take the extra step and no held by any boundaries or limitations. We met Nakul on our next meeting and we can see the kind hearted character with chilled out mood, two of them made a great couple. Thank you for letting us be part of such a beautiful experience.

Rajiv & Radha

Once upon a time in London, England Rajiv saw Radha while studying. He could not keep his eyes off Radha "Rani". Rajiv and Radha began their fairy tale love story despite being long distance. The two of them made their love stronger over the years, today we witness there true and pure love unfold.

Nav & Japi

Jappy & Nav's Next Day Edit. When two people are loved by the entire family, there love only makes them stronger. Jappy as they call "Jappy of all trades" he can fix and install anything. Nav stands out with her strong personality with a kind heart. We loved every moment of their wedding, we wish them nothing but the best.

Ruma & Varin

When we met Ruma & Varin for the first time, their meeting turned into a casual siting with the friends. We didn't  realize that hours have past. It was amazing experience with live food table and live music bands for the reception. We will always have a special feeling when thinking of White Oaks Report. 

Mike & Raman's Reception Highlights

The reception was all about enjoy the harmony between two people that was celebrated by blending two beautiful cultures with filled colors and dances. Slow dance song performed by the couple uncle tribute to the past and the future, 

Raj & Jas

Jaskiran & Rajdeep's Engagement Party. BC Meets TO in the Six. These two lovely couple met in BC on a trip. It was love at first sight in beautiful British Columbia. The two families came together for the amazing journey.

Anil & Sonia

It was 1996, India, the entire village came together to watch DDLG. This movie had a personal connection. Anil and Sonia came over for a Consultation meeting. They were so humble and kind, and they had a vision for there wedding. That vision had DDLG and Beauty & The best theme combined. They put their faith and trust in me. While making their vision come alive we got to spend more time and with time we became friends. I wanted to make sure that they not only met there vision but go beyond that.

Simran & Tawinder

Simran & Tawinder, Simran is from Vancouver. She also lived in Dubai for more then a decade and then moved to Vancouver. Tawinder is from Brampton, hardworking and has heart and soul filled with pure kindness. As they began their long distance relationship the journey got closer and closer with the love. Simran moved to Ontario for love. We were so blissed to capture this beautiful family's special day. It really was a special day and a true dholi. Thank you for Sky Team.

Mike & Raman

We have the multicultural wedding of Mike and Raman. The bride is Sikh and the groom is Italian. They had the traditional Roman Catholic wedding at the St. Margaret Mary Church. On the second day, they had their Sikh marriage Ceremony at The Country Club. Everything about the two days was gorgeous, from the outfits and the décor to the bride's stunning makeup. I'm also particularly enamored by the speeches. It's very obvious this couple is adored by their family and friends! We had the pleasure 

Jot Hans & Manvir

PrabJot Hans (Jot Hans) from the Scarface song. JT who was one of the original members of Sky Films team introduced him to Sky Films. He was impressed that members of Sky Films team share the same core values as him and Manvir. She resides in BC and is moving to Brampton, Ontario. She is such a pleasant and kind person, we loved that both Jot and Manvir were family oriented. Their elders meant the world to them. It was a epic wedding.

Vagmi & Suraj

Vagmi and Suraj met each other in their first year of university. They were both 17 at the time and had been assigned the same residence building. They started dating a few years later and it’s been quite a journey since then, with some long distance in between. This was the happiest week in their lives as they celebrated their love with their families and friends, and embarked together on another chapter in their lives.

Harkirat & Prab

Harkirat, Harleen and their Mom visited our office in the beginning of the year. I immediately felt how humble they were. Few months later I met Harkirat's parents only, they booked sky films on the spot. During their pre events I truly saw how easy going and respectful they were. They went above and beyond to ensure that all the vendors were satisfied. Harkirat's father made his special tea for us on the day of the wedding. I am truly blessed to be part of their special event for such an amazin

Mark & Albina

We are excited to have Mark and Albina's Graydon Hall Manor Wedding featured in the 10th issue of Lavish Dulhan magazine! Today we'll share their highlights. As always it was an absolute pleasure working with Mark & Albina on their beautiful wedding.

Jag & Rummy

 Rummy & Jag's Next Day Edit. Rummy and Jag are made for each other. Their love and support for each other is the reason we film. We would want to thank them for giving us the opportunity.

Jay & Nisha

Jay & Nisha - They live England but there hearts are in Canada. We first had the chance to meet the beautiful couple in february. They had very little experience with the wedding vendors. We began to communicate over whatsapp as they were only here for few days. They put their trust and faith in me to assit them with the other vendors. From dj's, photographers and wedding cordinator for there wedding. It was an experience like none other. We thank them for this opportunity.